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Bluzelle (BLZ) a decentralized, on-demand and scaleable service for dApps

While developing blockchain applications for companies such as (OCBC, AIA and HSBC), Bluzelle realized a need for a decentralized database service for blockchain dApps. So Bluzelle implemented swarm technology, a group of nodes working together to manage and store data, which helps developers with performance, scalability and reliability. Unlike blockchains, in which the nodes store the entire chain, Bluzelle’s nodes store only portions of the database, enabling increased speed and lighter loads within the network. Bluzelle dynamically adjusts the location and number of nodes sharding the consumer’s data which reduces increases overall performance and request time. By using partioning, sharding and cryptography, Bluzelle creates a database that provides growth, scalability as needed and a privacy guarantee. Bluzelle is designed to be similar to Oracle, but for the blockchain and with better scalability. Oracle must create new data centers in order to scale. However, Bluzelle only needs to add users to it’s network to scale. Bluzelle isn’t a blockchain, it is a decentralized system which uses blockchain principles and was created to be fully inteoperable with blockchains. Bluzelle has developed data services, middleware and a fully integrated stack of blockchain applications, which will support insurance providers, payment networks and financial institutions.

With offices in both Singapore and Vancouver, Bluzelle can easily expand in 2 of the largest regions for dApps and the blockchain: US/Canada and Asia Pacific.

Bluzelle’s advisors list is extensive and impressive while the team has a wealth of experience drawn from companies such as Disney, Microsoft and Google.
Pavel Bains is the CEO and Co-Founder. Pavel is also the Co-founder of Storypanda, a digital book platform that published critically acclaimed titles by DreamWorks, Warner Bros and Peanuts.

Neeraj Murarka is the CTO and Co-Founder. Neeraj is a Computer Systems Architect with over 20 years experience working with Google, IBM, Hewlet Packard, Luthansa and Thales Avionics.

Advisors Include:
Prashant Malik – Ex Facebook, Co-Creator of Apache Cassandra
Brian Fox – CTO Orchid, Creator of GNU Bash
Gil Penchina – Ex eBay, Leads biggest AngelList Syndicate
Alex Leverington – Core Ethereum Developer
Ryan Fugger – Original Creator of Ripple
Brian Lio – CEO of Smith & Crown
Michael Egorov – Former Linkedin Engineer, CTO of NuCypher
Lionello Lunesu – Co-Founder of Enuma Technologies
Roger Lim – Founder and CEO of Webvisions
Yubo Ruan – Founder of 8 Decimal Capital, Co-founder of Skylight Investment

Only recently out of ico phase and added to Binance, BLZ has already surpassed $100M market cap according to BLZ is an ERC-20 token with a circulating supply of 165,000,000 BLZ and a total supply of 500,000,000 BLZ. Combining the token economy with the sharing economy, Bluzelle allows dApp developers to have their data managed and stored using tokens and individuals to earn tokens by renting computer storage space. Thus companies will be able to rent their hardware resources to Bluzelle’s network and have consumers use the network for their applications. By using it’s own cryptocurrency, Bluzelle will have consumers paying tokens to use the database services and companies will be earning tokens for allowing their resources to be used on the network.

Bluzelle was recognized as a leading blockchain provider by Forrester Research in its report, Vendor Landscape: Blockchain Technology Providers In Asia Pacific October 2017. The report cites Bluzelle in both the infrastructure for general-purpose and software for on-premises deployment categories, stating it delivers value that traditional approaches can’t achieve. Bluzelle was the only blockchain infrastructure provider named by Forrester within the report, putting the company alongside blockchain heavyweights such as Ripple, Factom and Microsoft as the most promising vendors in the Asia blockchain ecosystem. The accolade from one of the world’s most influential technology research companies follows news this month that Bluzelle successfully developed a KYC blockchain solution with Asian financial institutions OCBC Bank, HSBC and Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group (MUFG). Bluzelle was also appointed by the World Economic Forum as a Technology Pioneer for 2017 and was named in the Global FinTech 100.

For more information on Bluzelle (BLZ): (25,874 members) (21.7K Followers).

Disclaimer: Analyst is currently invested in BLZ.
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