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Groestlcoin – A Privacy Coin that is Actually Private…

While you don’t have to reveal your name when sending Bitcoin or other popular cryptocurrencies, transactions are stored on a public ledger. With Groestlcoin, you can send the coin anonymously from their Samourai wallet. The Samourai wallet allows for private stealth addresses with VPN support and encryption.

The team behind Groestlcoin, over 20 members, has been busy developing new features with major releases every three months. Today I wanted to share with you their planned roadmap, released to the public for the first time.
Groestlcoin Roadmap

Next Upcoming Milestone:

25 December:
• Webwallet Segwit Upgrade
• Segwit Paperwallet
• Groestlcoin Testnet Android
• Groestlcoin Testnet Blackberry
• Groestlcoin Testnet Paperwallet
• Groestlcoin Android wallet Update
• Groestlcoin Blackberry wallet Update
• Website Update
• iOS JSwallet

Unlike Bitcoin and Ethereum, where it is virtually impossible to mine profitably with a standard computer, Groestlcoin is highly profitable for all miners. Bitcoin mining is dominated by a few mining giants with ASIC powered mining farms. Groestlcoin is ASIC-Resistant and very easy to mine with even a regular laptop. Groestlcoin rewards 5 coins per block until it reaches the max supply of 105 million coins. Groestlcoin consumes less power per hash than other algorithms, making it cheaper to mine.

Features that make Groestlcoin special:

  1. First coin with SegWit. Groestlcoin is a blockchain pioneer by being the first coin that activated SEGWIT in January 2017.
  2. Enabling Lightning Network, Groestlcoin gets almost ZERO fee transactions, instant payments, scalability and Atomic Swaps.
  3. Extremely low fees. The fee for transferring 10,000 GRS is 0.000045 GRS.
  4. The only coin that is capable of sending GRS over SMS.
  5. Continuous development! Every 3 months our developer’s team release new features and updates.
  6. The only coin that has successfully ported Bitcoin Armory.
  7. The only coin that has over 80 Electrum servers.
  8. One of the few coins that have an Ubuntu PPA available.
  9. One of the few coins that are officially maintained by the Bitcoin Debian packaging team.
  10. The only coin that has successfully ported Multibit HD.
  11. We have 11 different Android wallets. Most struggle to have just 1.
  12. We have 10 different Blackberry wallets. Most don’t have any.
  13. We have 2 different iOS wallets.
  14. We have over 10 different desktop wallets.
  15. The only coin that has ported Samourai and thus successfully implemented BIP147. You can work with payment channels with Groestlcoin.
  16. One of the few coins where you can play with OP_HOLD, RBF and other new features.
  17. The only coin that has ported Electrum client to Java.
  18. One of the few coins that have ported
  19. The only coin with over 100 repositories of developed work.
  20. The only coin that has wallets which can use NFC tags as the encryption key.
  21. The only coin that has ported Msigna.
  22. The only coin that has ported Sentinel.
  23. The only coin that is still being compiled with Visual Studio (like Satoshi himself did).
  24. One of the few altcoins that have a working testnet.
  25. One of the few altcoins that are hosting their own block explorer.
  26. One of the few altcoins that even have wallets for testnet.
  27. The only altcoin that has ported Libbitcoin to Groestlcoin.
  28. One of the few altcoins that are keeping their Core wallet up to date.
  29. ASIC-Resistant. A GPU Miner’s Heaven which makes the mining distribution of this coin fairer and more even, to help prevent the centralization of our coin.
  30. Multipool resistant. Basically makes it far less likely for a fork to be stuck in the coin creating all sorts of anomalies and problems.

Groestlcoin has room to grow and compared to competitors is not trading at its actual value, with a current market cap of $39,018,370. PIVX is a comparable privacy coin with a market cap of $163,433,118. With the state of the Groestlcoin project and the miner-friendly software (ASIC-Resistant), Groestlcoin’s market cap could reach $120,000,000 or 3x its current value.

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