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The Future of Altcoin Trading – AirSwap (AST) – A Diamond in the Rough

Have you ever used EtherDelta? Yea, I can see you cringing now. While EtherDelta does fill a need, and gets the job done but it has a horrible interface. Many have made very costly trading mistakes because of how confusing it is to use. As bad as EtherDelta is, the premise and functionality behind it is amazing. What if there were a decentralized exchange that had a great interface, was easy to use, had many of the popular altcoins you trade, was completely private, non-traceable and charged no trading fees? Yes, you read that right, 0 trading fees. Well, there is. It’s called AirSwap. AirSwap is a decentralized, peer-to-peer trading exchange. Transfers between traders are atomic, which means they are swapped instantly with no third party in between. At no time does another party have control of the tokens.

Having traded a lot of Binance and Bittrex I can tell you I have paid significant fees to do so. Traders are just waiting for a better solution than EtherDelta to come along. Most of AirSwap’s functionality will be released by Q1 of 2018 according to the roadmap. AirSwap is currently listed on a few exchanges but has yet to be listed on Bittrex or Poloniex which would bring significant more volume and liquidity to the coin, raising the market cap.

Let’s briefly go through issues with existing, centralized exchanges:
1. They require you to create an account and give away private information.
2. They hold your tokens on their exchange and they could be hacked at any minute. Millions have been stolen from exchanges from hackers and from rogue developers at the exchanges themselves.
3. They charge high fees (this sucks bad)
4. They show an order book which can be manipulated by those with trading software and those with large sums of money that can move the coin up or down based on analyzing the it.

Right now there are a few centralized exchanges that are very hard for new tokens to get listed on. This creates an issue for the company as well as for investors looking for liquidity to trade the tokens they bought during the ICO. Decentralized exchanges such as AirSwap allow ERC20 tokens to be traded between users via peer-to-peer cutting out the middle man.

As an investor/trader let’s look at the numbers
At the time of this writing AirSwap’s market cap is $34,887,300 which means it has not even reached the top 100 coin list. So, in order to double your investment, it would only need to hit $70,000,000. That would put AirSwap around the top 75 coins. There are a lot of weak coins in the 50 – 100 top coins that don’t have as strong of a product as AirSwap and some are even vaporware.

To become a trader or a seller on AirSwap one needs to buy AST tokens. Tokens are used for the core functionality and ecosystem of the product which will decrease the supply and increase the demand for the AirSwap token over time. Currently there are 150,000,000 tokens in circulation of a total supply of 500,000,000 and it is currently trading at $0.23 cents.

In my opinion, AirSwap will be one of the first real competitors to EtherDelta and will quickly overtake the decentralized exchange market. AirSwap could be traded in the short term after being listed itself on other major exchanges or held for the long term as a great addition to your altcoin portfolio. ICOs are generally judged by their team, token metrics and the product itself. I did not do an ICO Analysis of this coin but I would have given it a top rating. AirSwap’s team is very strong and has top advisors such as Joseph Lubin, who is the co-founder of Ethereum and many other top advisors in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. I truly believe AirSwap is a sleeping giant, a diamond in the rough.

Visit or read the Whitepaper for more information. AirSwap is currently trading on Binance and a few other exchanges using the symbol AST.

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