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Bitcoin (BTC) vs Bitcoin Cash (BCH) – The Battle Continues

First off, the Bitcoin fork has not been cancelled. It has only been postponed. There is so much happening behind the scenes that is conjecture that it is hard to explain what is happening. The real fight is happening between Roger Ver and the Core Bitcoin team. It has been said that Segwit2x was never meant to happen but was part of a larger plan. To be completely honest, this could explain what is happening. Roger Ver and team is manipulating Bitcoin Cash and the core team is fighting to keep control of the hash power. The miners are looking to switch to whatever coin is making them the most at the moment. No technical analysis will tell you this. This is a fight between BCH and BTC and miners want to control which coin wins. Roger Ver is trying to take advantage of this while the fork is happening and core seems to be somewhat vulnerable at the moment. Difficulty adjustment and miner profitability all hinges on which one the miners choose and if the miners switch to BCH for a decent period of time that could lead to issues for BTC as the algorithm corrects. Even the best technical analyst cannot tell you where the coin will go in relation to the fork. No one saw the BCH parabolic run before it happened because it is 100% manipulation. If you are a long term holder of BTC then I would leave it alone as to not create more instability in the core BTC coin.

If you want to analyze what the miners are doing and not just saying then you can see the mining activity here:

Actions speak louder than words. Watch what the miners are doing to get a feel for who is winning the fight. In my opinion, we will have 2 core coins. Bitcoin (BTC) will be a place to store wealth for the long-term while Bitcoin Cash (BCH) will be updated with the latest code and constantly trying to keep up with technology in order to be used as an actual currency.

As for the fork and what strategy to use for maximum profit right now, I am not going to pretend to know what will happen with the fork, BCH and BTC over the next few weeks as some of this has caught everyone by surprise. Here is the letter that everyone is talking about if you want to know the conspiracy behind the fight:

It is not a great idea to rely on technical analysis right now in my humble opinion. Read all that you can about what both sides think of the fork. If you are completely uncomfortable you could always load up on some altcoins until the BCH / BTC showdown ends.

** Disclaimer: I am not a financial adviser. Invest in cryptocurrencies at your own risk.

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